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Farewell (First Edition)

- - - Update April 2010 - Only few copies left - - -  

Mathias Grassow & Tomas Weiss - Farewell (In hommage to Klaus Wiese)
(Musical Philosophy 03)

In order to avoid any misunderstanding - Please note that all the tracks on this album are original compositions by Mathias Grassow + Tomas Weiss. We wish to dedicate this work to the memory and legacy of a great musician and friend Klaus Wiese. 

Due to the amount of requests received regarding the limited 100 First Edition CDs of "Farewell" (Luxus Digipak + additional Bonus Mini-CD) we have decided to give our customers the option to reserve their copy now. On the principle of "first come first serve" we cannot guarantee that all request will be met, because of the limited number of CDs. We recommend that if you are interested in this item you place your order as soon as possible.

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I have received the CD and I am struck at the depth (sound staging) of the recording/production at first listen... It is as if the rich layers of sounds are distinctive, yet carefully marbled for a rich Tibetan like sound environment that is warm and peaceful... Ever present are the oscillating drones along with cascading synths, voices, rhythms and bells all classical elements of Klaus Wiese’s inspired heritage of work. Tomas and Mathias have effectively expressed what Klaus has done for them musically and spiritually in this wonderful recording. Indeed, this CD resonates with that past as well as the future as a profound meditation of influence and remembrance. Yes, Klaus will be missed. However, his blessed influence goes on…

Hit play and be still… Peace" (David, Tampa, FL USA)

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