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Quiet calling II

Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow - Quiet calling II Ltd Edition
(Musical Philosophy 05 Ltd)

Eco Digipak (4 sides)

Germany ordering - 15 Euro (inclusive shipping)

Europe ordering - 17 Euro (inclusive shipping)

Rest of world ordering - 19 Euro (inclusive shipping)

Eco Carton Package (2 sides)

Germany ordering - 13 Euro (inclusive shipping)

Europe ordering - 15 Euro (inclusive shipping)

Rest of world ordering - 17 Euro (inclusive shipping)

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"Whilst similar to its predecessor in its broad scope and feeling, “Quiet Calling II” occupies a sphere of deeper quietude. The album presents a greater shift towards gradual transitions and movements at the micro-scale. Resonating with radiant meditative force without losing its vision of tonal progression, it sustains an atmosphere both powerful and delicate in its constancy. Together, the two chapters of the series are complementary in a subtle yet clear fashion. In contrast with the direct emotional qualities of “Quiet Calling I”, the second album invites the listener to a state of higher concentration. Even in its emphasis on cognition and subliminal thought, it retains a sensation of inner calm that is conveyed through each breath of the cello. As a result, the album carefully exposes hidden connections between the outward perception and its unconscious foundation, leading to healing and fulfilment." (Jesse H - Finland/UK)


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